Add Features, Add Value?

In marketing, we ad features to a product or service to create value for the customer. This makes everyone happy. But is there a limit? When does that wrench that is ethics get thrown in to the marketing machine?

The "Goth Kitten" that were sold on ebay set precedent for these unethical practices.

Holly Crawford, from Pa, put a 14 gauge studs through this pure black kittens ears and a submission ring through the back of it's neck. And advertised this little guy as a "Goth Kitten." But, what seems whacked is the $400 price tag.

She was arrested for cruelty to animals and expected to have charges pressed against her said Animal Protection Officer, Carol Morrison.

But, why is this unethical. Because she was selling it on ebay? Marketing it as a "Goth Kitten"? Or because she pierced it?

Animals for sale are nothing new. Pure breed Irish Setters can sell for over $500 and Newfoundland pups cost almost $1000. Some, even on ebay. So, it's legal to sell animals.

People doc tails and and crop ears of dogs all the time. These practices are completely legal and ethical. PETA doesn't even object. If it's OK to alter an animals body by chopping off parts, why is piercing a whole raising issues?

This is one of many situations when marketing has been questioned about ethical behavior. And, under certain circumstances, I agree. However, before passing judgment take an objective and critical approach to analyzing the marketing efforts.

Blog post dedicated to Alana Verminski


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