new writing: screw those cap's

i've notice that many writers are nixing the capital letter. this isn't in all mediums, mainly, it seems prevalent in graphic designers' websites, blogs and some advertisements. i love how it changes the physical appearance of the piece. also, lower case letters are easier to read, decreasing reading time. but, what about clarity?

there are a wealth of situations when the cap' is useful: influencing word meaning and feeling.

first, proper nouns can get lost in a sentence. especially if the proper noun is also a verb, confusion can ring-in. an example is:
no caps:
he looked to grant dick for the young lady's guidance

He looked to Grant Dick for the young lady's guidance
ok, that might be extreme. but, please look past the lewd and see the concept.

using en dashes might reduce confusion with long proper nouns, letting the reader know that the words are all one part of a whole.

as for a word's feeling, a word with all caps can create a powerful emphasis: a written yell. it could be argued that quotation marks are a substite. but, quotes can be awkward when used too much. take a look at this site. it has examples of bad use of quotations. some hilarious, some stupid. 

overall, the confusion is minimal and not frequent. and, surely, creativity is important. the most frequent uses of capitals are heavily useful, but unnecessary: beginning of a sentence, after quotations, after a colon if it's an independent clause. so, i say, use this refreshing style.


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