Keywords... Glorious Keywords: Tell a Story and a Little More

Search Engine Land posted a useful article suggesting a technique for brainstorming keywords. The premise behind the technique is that during the initial brainstorming session, some important words can be missed, with this comes missed opportunity.

This is glorious! "Tell a story," wrote bgTheory, a company dedicated to PPC education & training. I think this idea is glorious because of it's simplicity and accuracy. When people are searching an entire context is amid. And, this context contains different words to describe what is needed for the solution.

Geddes states the story has four layers, or "keyword types:" Explicit, problem, solution and product name/number. Here is his a screen-shot from his article, explaining
Again, I think this is glorious. But, I want to add one category: "general solution." I know when I'm on the information hunt, many times I know the general solution to fix the problem, but not the specific. I believe there is some serious traffic potential from words found under these keywords/phrases.


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