Why I Love Negative News

Allot of bloggers dislike negativity blogging. What I mean is that I tend to see more success stories than tales of failure and despair. When it comes to trashy criticisms of value judgments, I too don't like them and can do without.

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I just finished reading an article entitled It Pays to Provide Support with Social Media. It covered customer service and social media. But, it only listed how great a tool this medium is for a business. I believe articles like this are, of course, useful and interesting; but, i'm concerned about the lack of articles about the negative impact or lack of ROI from social media and other internet marketing mediums.

The mass interest of the people is of "possibilities," not limitations, and seems to have caused bloggers to write about these possibilities. The final reaction in this positive-news-chain is a lack of realistic expectations about utilizing internet-marketing mediums. Many business owners are viewing it as indispensable to their marketing efforts, when, for many companies, this is far from the truth.

All I'm saying, is that I would love to read about internet marketing failures and disasters. And, our desires to only hear the positive isn't always helpful. Finally, these macabre stories could prove beneficial to companies. I love learning from others mistakes and, at times, place it at the foundation of the learning pyramid.



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