Kevin Edmond Poirier Rowe

Ithaca College (Park School of Communication), Ithaca NY: B.S. Integrated Marketing Communication, May 2009

Mohawk Valley Community College, Utica NY: A.A.S. Media Marketing and Management, December 2006

Work Experience (after graduation in May '09 I dedicated some time to traveling, until January '10 )
Research Assistant: Roy H. Park School of Communication, Ithaca NY, 1/09-5/09
·         Researched and analyzed Advergames (internet marketing w/ games)/videos and performed Internet statistical-research
·         Prepared reports for weekly meetings, write analytical reports
·         Developed analytical templates with head researcher

Graphic Designer: Freelance, Ithaca NY, 2008-2009
·         Develop strategy, Copywriter, design B2B & B2C print ads/logo, perform situation analysis

Advertising Sales/Client Management, Ithaca NY: Ithaca Times and the FLAKES newspapers, 2/2008-2/2009
·         Manage advertising accounts, monitor ad production and publication dates, develop schedules, identify and address profitable markets, new client accusation, ad/strategy design, copywriting
·         Online advertising sales
·         Develop B2B presentations with publisher
·         Deliver presentations to potential clients

Advertising Account Sales/Client Management, Ithaca NY: Gannett, 9/2007-1/2008
·   Relationship marketing, monitor ad production and publication dates, develop schedules, new client accusation
·   Online advertising sales
·   Identified problem with trade accounts monitoring and developed method to monitor trades which is currently in use and reduced financial and time loss

Research & Editing
·         Researcher: Visual analysis and summarization of Saturday Night Live videos: Journal of Visual Literacy
·         Researcher: Analysis and summarization of branding and techniques of Advergaming in UK/US also submitted to several journals for publication, Beyond the East and West Conference (Budapest).
·         Editor/Proof-reader: Reviewing postdoctoral papers and suggesting changes for improving clarity, conciseness, grammar and technique for researchers at Cornell University and Universidad de Chile. Noted paper: Male Wing Fanning by the aphid parasitoid Aphidius ervi

Extracurricular Activities
American Advertising Federation, 8/20008-12/2009
·         Supervised group activities, acquired new client, performed goal assessment and situation interviews
Catholic Charities (volunteer) 8/2008-2/2009
·         Plane event, write press releases identified and identify and approached partners
Cornell Cooperative Extension (volunteer) 8/2008-2/2009
·         Performed consultation on marketing, sales and advertising strategies, event planning, media outreach

Microsoft Office suite, Adobe Suite, Openoffice, Google Analytics, Joomla content management, Motion Charting, Google Adwords (beginner), HTML/JavaScript/CSS (basics), Web CEO, Keyword Search Tools, Google Webmaster Tool, Google Website Optimizer, Blogger, Tumblr, Wordpress

Writing Styles
AP, APA, science writing (peer-reviewed), feature writing, blog/website SEO, Twitter, print copy writing, persuasive, grant writing

Additional Training
Web CEO basic internet marketing course; Google Analytics online course; Google Adwords online training

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